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Prague Arbitration Day 2024

06. 18. 2024

The sixth edition of PAD is finished. This year’s conference focused on the future of arbitration and the roles of CEE countries in the development of arbitration.

Introduction of Prague Arbitration Day

It is one of the main conferences for arbitrators, lawyers specializing in arbitration, corporate lawyers or representatives of national and international chambers. It is organized by the International Chamber of Commerce Czech Republic in Prague in cooperation with the ICC International Court of Arbitration.

What was the main topic discussed at PAD 2024?

As in other industries, artificial intelligence is a much discussed topic in arbitration. A provocative and still open question is whether the work of arbitrators, legal representatives will be fully replaced by artificial intelligence. The discussion concluded with a majority optimistic conclusion that there will probably not be a full substitution.

However, we can expect AI to have a significant impact on arbitration, especially in terms of speeding up the processes of research, analysis, data processing and overall speeding up the decision-making process.

What other interesting topics were discussed at the conference and who from our arbitration team attended the conference?

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