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We will assist you in the preparation or revision of contracts, provide support during negotiations with the other contracting party, or enable you to create contracts automatically. Whatever your specific needs may be, we are here to support you, preparing contracts you can rely on.

  • 50+ customized contracts per month

  • 10+ billion CZK is a total value of closed contracts for 2023

  • 80 experienced lawyers

  • 33+ years on the market

Why choose us


We approach contract preparation with a practical mindset, always seeking the most effective solutions

Well-prepared contractual documentation is the foundation of every collaboration and business relationship. We create contracts that address our clients’ risks while enabling them to develop their business partnerships. Our goal is to help you grow.


Contracts can sometimes be complex and we are ready for that

We leverage our expertise in diverse areas of law and business. We specialize in IT, telecommunications, energy and construction. Apart from addressing general contractual law questions, we possess specialized expertise in preparing comprehensive contractual relationships covering issues like intellectual property protection, personal data, cybersecurity and other regulations.


Save the precious time by using contract automation

We will provide customized contract provisions and transfer the contract creation process to a special tool that allows you to assemble documentation based on your specific situation. You then can create the contract yourself with just a few clicks. But don’t worry, we will always be available to assist you.

What we do for clients

  • We prepare and negotiate commercial contracts.
  • We develop template contractual documentation, including ongoing updates and management.
  • We revise contractual documentation to address identified risks.
  • We protect know-how and confidential information.
  • We manage large contractual projects.
  • We offer support during negotiations with the other party.
  • We automate contractual documentation according to the client's requirements.
  • We assist in ensuring contractual compliance.

Who will be dedicated to assisting you

What our clients say about us

Collaborations that bring satisfaction to both us and our clients


Preparation of contractual documentation for the implementation of innovative projects related to smart mobility, such as car-sharing, trunk delivery services and vehicle charging.



Consultation on the legal aspects of electronic contracts and electronic signatures, plus provision of customized sets of template contractual documentation.



Legal advice in the preparation of comprehensive contractual documentation, including terms and conditions, utilized by the client towards its customers and business partners.



Legal support in the selection and negotiation of the delivery of a significant ERP system, setting the principles of cooperation and related support.



Legal advice regarding the client's activities in the luxury goods sector in connection with contractual relations with clients and suppliers.



Contractual support and advisory services during the tender process to find a strategic partner for selling the client's products.


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