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ROWAN LEGAL adopts new visual style centered around distinctive logotype

05. 20. 2024

Prague, 20 May 2024 – ROWAN LEGAL has updated its visual communication style. The new design, created by the Artbureau studio, was selected as the winning entry in a design competition organized by Czechdesign. This solution emphasizes a distinctive logotype.

In recent years, ROWAN LEGAL’s visual identity has been modified by several different studies, leading to a loss of clarity and simplicity in communication with both clients and the general public.

“We have made several changes to our corporate identity in the past, but we have not been satisfied with the results,” said attorney-at-law and partner Miloš Olík. “That’s why we decided to create one that is on a higher level, looking prestigious and modern. The new identity is designed to address various target groups, including companies, institutions, potential employees and the general public.”

The new visual identity builds on the original, but fundamentally modernizes it both in terms of visual concept, brand philosophy and image. This modernization extends to both printed materials and the online environment. “Given the relatively conservative industry in which we operate and our long-term presence in the market, we were looking for a solution that would evolve the existing brand,” said Michal Nulíček, the firm’s partner responsible for PR and marketing. “We wanted a brand that would be solid and clearly recognizable, without coming across as austere, unapproachable or elitist.”

The design competition organized for ROWAN LEGAL by Czechdesign was attended by Artbureau, Semibold and Formaat based on an open call and research. The Katz83 agency also took part in the competition.

Artbureau’s design won over the jury with its professional solution, which is based on a distinctive logotype. The new identity thus personifies the single-mindedness and straightforwardness of the law firm. “This is partly due to the way the logo is used, the font size, but also the work with empty space,” said the jury when evaluating the results. “The sub-brand system also works well.”

The Artbureau studio set out to create a modern, light and unmistakable identity free of unnecessary elements. The color scheme is distinctive, bringing a refreshing change to the entire legal segment. The design’s precisions is supported by the sans-serif font BW Gradual. “The work was reminiscent of a big cleaning,” Artbureau designer Jakub Wdowka commented. “We broke down the visual identity into individual pieces, asking ourselves what function each should perform in the new identity and whether we need it at all. We did the same when creating the new rules. There was always a question as to whether the rule could be simpler.”

“The winning studio found a successful system that dramatically simplifies the new identity and has a minimum of rules and is well-suited for future practical use,” said Jana Vinšová of Czechdesign. “It is a timeless design that looks to the future and will continue to work well in years to come.”

Currently, the most visible act in which the corporate identity has been used is the new corporate website available at, as well as the career website bringing insight into the office environment and job offers. The new corporate identity permeates all areas of ROWAN LEGAL’s presentation, both online and offline.

The competition was announced as an invitation and was conducted in one round. All participants could submit up to two proposals. In addition to the graphic concept, visual identity and logotype system, they also created samples of a newsletter, presentation and merchandising materials.

In addition to representatives of ROWAN LEGAL, the jury also included leading domestic experts – graphic designer Markéta Steinert and graphic designer and typographer Roman Černohous.


For more information, please contact:

Petr Podzimek
Head of PR & Marketing

Phone: 725 032 147

ROWAN LEGAL is a leading domestic law firm specializing in dispute resolution and arbitration, corporate and commercial law, intellectual property, IT, telecommunications and competition, including public procurement. Its clients include major national and international corporations as well as public institutions. With offices in Prague and Brno, the firm more than 90 experienced lawyers, many of whom are regularly recognized in domestic and international industry rankings.

About Czechdesign
Czechdesign is a professional umbrella organization dedicated to fostering the development of design and architecture in the Czech Republic for over 20 years. It has long advocated for the application of design in practice and for the fair setting of conditions in professional competitions. It operates, the most widely read web portal about Czech design, supports and promotes Czech designers, advises companies and institutions on how to collaborate with designers, and is a leading organizer of design and architectural competitions.

About Artbureau
Artbureau is a Prague-based creative studio operating in the field of graphic design and visual communication since 2006. It is involved in brand building, web design, packaging design, book graphics and sales or exhibition design. The founding members are graphic designers Jakub Wdowka, Ondřej Kramer and Anna Wdowková.

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