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ROWAN LEGAL shines in Law Firm of the Year 2023, receives highest awards in IT Law, Intellectual Property and Corporate Compliance

11. 08. 2023

Prague, November 8, 2023 – The names of the best Czech law firms have been announced. On November 6, the EPRAVO.CZ portal presented the 16th annual Law Firm of the Year awards at the Žofín Palace in Prague. ROWAN LEGAL was one of the big winners, coming in first in its “bread and butter” discipline of Information Technology Law, as well as in the Intellectual Property and Corporate Compliance categories.

EPRAVO.CZ, under the auspices of the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic and the Czech Bar Association, this year presented the Law Firm of the Year award for the 16th time. A total of 21 professional categories were announced, and ROWAN LEGAL achieved the highest ranking in three of them: Information Technology Law, Intellectual Property and Corporate Compliance. It was also ranked as a “Highly Recommended Law Firm” in 15 other categories, including in Employment Law and Real Estate and Construction Law for the first time.

Information Technology Law is where ROWAN LEGAL traditionally excels, and this year was no different, as the firm took top honors for the 13th time since the survey began in 2008. The firm does not only focus on clients from the private sector, but also works closely with public administration. ROWAN LEGAL experts have prepared legislation on banking identity for the Czech Banking Association or on the digitalization of construction proceedings for the Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic.

We definitely do not take our thirteenth victory in this category for granted,” said Josef Donát, a partner of the firm and a leading Czech expert in IT law. “As IT law is a very dynamic legal sector, we need to constantly monitor the changing legislation and reflect any changes in how we work with clients. In short, we need to stay up-to-date and alert. But we have an outstanding team of professionals, and the repeated awards are mainly thanks to them. Of course, a big thank you also goes to our clients for putting their trust in us and choosing us to help them with projects that often change the lives of consumers and citizens for the better.

The second absolute victory came in the Intellectual Property category, which ROWAN LEGAL took for the second time in the past five years. “Intellectual property law is an extremely complex area that is profoundly affected by digital technologies,” added Donát, who also leads a team of experts in this area. “Compared to our competitors, we have a huge advantage in our highly specialized team of legal, IT and IP experts. We are therefore able to provide clients with completely unique and innovative solutions. This award confirms that we are moving in the right direction and motivates us to keep innovating.

ROWAN LEGAL attorneys also scored their third victory in the Corporate Compliance category. The top award was preceded by four “Highly Recommended Law Firm” awards, which ROWAN LEGAL has regularly won in this category since 2019. The firm’s attorneys have many years of experience in this area, specializing primarily in comprehensive compliance management systems, whistleblowing and internal investigations. “Compliance has quickly become an important part of our clients’ businesses in recent years, but with the advent of ESG it has effectively become a condition for their continued business operations,” said the firm’s managing partner for compliance, Michal Nulíček. “We assist clients across all major business sectors in all areas of regulation and compliance, from providing legal analysis, to implementing comprehensive compliance systems and developing ESG strategies, not to mention our rapidly growing internal and regulatory inspections practice. We are very pleased to have received the highest award in this category after just four years.

ROWAN LEGAL has historically been one of the most successful law firms in the Law Firm of the Year. Between 2015 and 2023, the firm has won a total of 120 awards in various categories, including a special Pro Bono / CSR Award in 2020 for its UNIque law online professional webinar project, at a time when law students were prevented from attending standard classes due to the Covid pandemic.

The firm is recognized annually in a number of professional categories, including Tax, Intellectual Property, Telecommunications and Media, and Criminal Law. Especially in recent years, it has achieved outstanding results in Banking and Finance, Energy and Energy Projects, Corporate Compliance, Logistics and Transportation Construction, Competition Law and Corporate Law. This year, awards were added in the categories of Employment Law and Real Estate and Development Projects.

We are delighted with the awards in these two categories,” added Miloš Olík, partner. “Both Romana Szuťányi, who leads our Employment Law practice, and Jakub Zámyslický, who leads the Real Estate practice, are highly experienced professionals, and I am thrilled that their excellent work for clients has been recognized in this year’s results.

ROWAN LEGAL is headed by 14 partners and ranks among the leading Czech law firms. It currently has two offices – one in Prague and one in Brno – with more than 100 employees, almost 80 of whom are legal experts.

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