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New Building Act – Part 4: Is a building permit required for a porch extension, terrace, or removal of a small building?

09. 23. 2021

Author: Veronika Hejná
Author of comment: Mgr. et Mgr. Ing. Jan Tomíšek

Do you need a building permit for a terrace or porch extension, or demolition of an old shed? And how will things be from 2023 under the new Building Act? The new Building Act abolishes the distinction between the notification of a building plan and a building permit. It now divides buildings into small, simple, reserved and other.

The permitting process is only not necessary for minor constructions. In all other cases, the builder must obtain a permit for construction projects. However, if he/she obtains the consent of all parties concerned in advance, the permitting process can be fast-tracked under Section 212 of the new Building Act. What about extensions or the removal of a building?

Read the full article here: The article is in Czech.

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